• The Bridge
    The Bridge

  • No matter what your concept of God, The Bridge will inspire you.


    The HeartMind Chronicles

  • Ah-Mah, Book 1 of The HeartMind Chronicles
    Book One: Ah-Mah

  • Discover the world of Ah-Mah, where dolphins dream of Mu and Atlantis. A healer of ancient Egypt, Ah-Mah is thrown into chaos and must return to the simple rhythms of earth and water to survive. When a warrior comes to her with an unusual illness, she becomes aware of a new possibility: treating the feet to heal the body.

  • The White Crown, Book 2 of The HeartMind Chronicles
    Book Two: The White Crown

  • Menes, grandson of Ah-Mah, has become ruler of all the Land of the River, but he is uncrowned and unwed; nor do all the people welcome his rule. Change has come to the Land of the River, bringing with it unrest, resistance, and the first god-king.

  • The Power of Dreaming - Book 3 of the HeartMind Chronicles
    Book Three: The Power of Dreaming

  • A compelling story of the ancient Egyptian world, where dolphins create holographic illusions and three women call forth ancient knowledge to evoke their own power of dreaming.

  • Foolish Wisdom, a collection of poetry by Emily Seate of Fort Worth, Texas
    Foolish Wisdom

  • Emily’s first book of poetry will delight you with simple truths and ironies. Read six short sample poems...

Emily Seate of Fort Worth TexasEmily Seate practices spiritual principles every day. She believes every individual is born with eternal energy that, when brought into awareness, brings the individual into her full potential. She shares her philosophy through her novels, Ah-Mah, The White Crown, and The Power of Dreaming, her poetry, Foolish Wisdom, and her latest book, The Bridge, which speaks to the search for the depths of oneself. (www.emilyseate.com) Emily brings a lifetime of personal experience and diversity, along with compassion and empathy, to everything she does. Currently she gives back to the community by interviewing authors for Books in Review (Fort Worth Community Cable Television) and by serving on the board of the Museum of Glass Made in America, Inc. She is co-owner of Milbra's Crystal, a replacement service for discontinued American hand-made crystal; and co-author of the six-book series Fostoria, the Crystal for America.

The Bridge

What is it that gives you confidence, makes you stand taller, walk with a lighter step? Emily Seate suspects the true answer is the magical, often hidden energy inside you. No matter what your concept of God, reading The Bridge will inspire you to celebrate your own life and the lives of others and you will realize first hand that you are a Human Being with an Eternal Soul.