Book 1: Ah-Mah
ISBN: 9780-9766635-0-8
352 pages, 8.5" x 5.5", soft-cover
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Book 2 in the series is The White Crown
Book 3 in the series is The Power of Dreaming

Story of spiritual dolphin encounter by Emily Seate of Fort Worth Texas

Book One: Ah-Mah

Ah-Mah, a healer of ancient Egypt, is thrown into chaos by tragedy. She chooses to give up her title of Mistress of the Land and return to the simple rhythms of earth and water to survive her loss. Day by day she hoes her garden and measures her healing by rows.

Two years later a warrior comes to her and asks for healing, but he has no visible wound. During her time alone, she has begun to invent a way to heal the body by pushing her thumbs into the feet. She treats his feet and heals his wound to become the first reflexologist. Ah-mah’s foot treatments become so well known that she is asked to sail to another land, to perform the magic of foot reflexology upon the feet of its people. On her journey, she meets and swims with dolphins, entering a fantastic new consciousness of dolphin dreaming.

In Atlantis, the eight Keepers meet for their nightly ritual in the Crystal Room. A new and pressing threat confronts them: that of the coming devastation of their island continent. They must use all their skills to preserve Atlantis and Atlanteans for the future.

Aletha, Keeper of Language, has already endured the sudden loss of her people and her land. Desperate to be known to the future, she sends her soul questing and connects with Ah-mah while she is still in her mother’s womb. Aletha enters Ah-mah’s consciousness, dissolving the boundaries of time and space to discover a sister spirit.