“When your feet hurt, you hurt all over!”
Photo by Al Wekelo, courtesy of iStockPhoto.com
Story of spiritual dolphin encounter by Emily Seate of Fort Worth Texas


I believe in reflexology because I’ve seen it work over and over again. For many years, I have practiced reflexology with family, friends, and a few loyal clients. Every time the results have been more than I expected.

Both hands and feet may be reflexed. I stick to feet. I love to remember how Jesus washed people’s feet when I sit staring at the soles of another human being.

The reflexing action is simple. I push my thumb into the sole, release, move the thumb and push again. I am careful to follow a pattern that will enable me to reflex the entire foot, although sometimes my hands seem to be drawn to a specific area. The right foot is done first, then the left.

The way Ah-mah handles her foot treatments is very similar to how I do mine. The mind-wandering that happens to the most passionate practitioner, I included in the story because it speaks to the reality of day-in, day-out treatments. I have not made up names for any of my clients as Ah-mah did, but then, I also have not had as many feet to treat.

Technically, we practitioners of this ancient art can only tell our clients that reflexology relaxes them. But I have found that any of the “touching” arts does something wonderful to a person’s energy. We need to be touched. And with one-on-one, directed touching, there is an exchange. For example, I feel better after I have given a foot treatment because my hands have been reflexed through the act of reflexing someone else’s feet. But more, both the client and I have had our energy moved around, unstuck, made to flow more freely within our bodies.

How ancient is reflexology? We know that it was practiced in 2500 B.C.E. in Egypt because Ed Case found a pictograph in a tomb in northern Egypt in the late 1970s that indicates it was. Logically, the invention would have been around for awhile before it became worthy of pictograph status. Thus comes Ah-mah, Mistress of the Land a little north of present day Luxor, to invent the treatment circa 3100 B.C.E. and make it famous.

Recently I attended a glass show in a nearby town. I no longer participate in the grueling set up and take down of such shows, nor do I endure the two days of smiling and greeting while standing on concrete. But I have not forgotten what all that does both to feet and to spines. Over the years I have become known for helping headaches, allergies, or just aching shoulders among dealers at glass shows.

When one of the dealers saw me that day, she hobbled over with tears in her eyes from pain. Several dealers quickly volunteered to watch her booth. Another volunteered a motor home where we would be undisturbed. I worked her feet for more than an hour. She got up pain free. I later learned that she remained pain free long enough to pack up and drive the long road home.

I believe Reflexology is a gift the human race has given itself. I certainly am grateful to Ah-mah, or whoever in the ancient past had the courage to act on curiosity and invent this remarkable way to help people be whole and healthy.